Thursday, November 12, 2015

How To Send Bulk SMS From Your PC

Discover the easy way to send a text message from your computer using a desktop software application or an online sms web application.

When you register an account with WinSMS, you are able to send a free SMS or ten for testing purposes before you decide on buying credits.

Why WinSMS?

  1. Their sms web application and desktop software is amazingly simple to use, yet packs all the features you would need.
  2. The credits you purchase from them are affordable and it never expires.
  3. The support is amazing.
  4. You can make full use of their API for free.
  5. On-line registration is quick and painless.
  6. There are no subscription fees.

Registering a bulk SMS account with WinSMS:

Open your favourite browser and navigate to WinSMS.

This will open the WinSMS website on the main page.
Click on 'register' in the top menu:

You will be redirected to a form you need to fill in. Make sure you use a valid e-mail address and mobile number in order for you to activate the newly created account:

You will receive an e-mail with the activation link and the activation code on your mobile.

Click on the activation link in the e-mail you have received. This will redirect you to the activation page:

Enter the activation number received on your mobile and choose a password. Clicking on 'OK' completes the activation and you are ready to send SMS from pc!

The WinSMS Software

So how to send SMS from pc?

WinSMS offers a desktop application for Windows computers and an online sms web application called

Both software options are very easy to use. can be used on any browser that supports Java like:Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and more. This allow for sending bulk SMS from tablets, smart phones and computers.

What are the differences between the two software options?

The two main differences are:
  1. The WinSMS desktop application stores contacts on your local computer in a Microsoft database file. Everytime you exit the desktop application, you are asked to make a backup to any location you specify - It can be a network folder, an external drive or your local computer.In short: Your contacts are not linked to your, in contrast, stores your contacts on-line and it is linked to your WinSMS account. This makes your contacts accessible from anywhere.
  2. You can add 8 more custom fields apart from the standard First Name, Surname and Mobile Number using the desktop application. only supports the standard 3 fields (First Name, Surname and mobile Number) and you are not able to add additional fields.
It is worthwhile mentioning that the desktop application can be configured to make use of a shared address book. Therefore computers on a local network can share an address book stored in a shared folder on the network.

This should make your choice between the two software options an easy one.

To sum up: If you need to make use of additional fields and have a Windows computer, the WinSMS desktop application is for you. It is also great for using in a business environment or a single computer.

If you need to have access to your contacts from different locations and you are making use of different devices to access WinSMS or you have an Apple Mac computer - consider using

Where to obtain the desktop software?

Go to their Website and click on 'Download' in the top menu. This will bring you to the page where you can download the WinSMS desktop application for MS Windows:

For (The SMS web application), simply navigate to and login using your WinSMS login details:

What does it cost?

You signed up for an account and you got the software but what does it cost?

Once you have activated your account, you will receive a few free credits to test the software with and after that, you will need to purchase more credits to send messages.

There are no monthly fees and the price structure works on a sliding scale. As from the time of the post, the price per SMS credit starts at 38c (South African Currency) and go as low as 18c per SMS credit. It all depends on how many credits you purchase at a time.

You can view the price structure here:

What are the features of the WinSMS desktop application and sms web application?

  • Add contacts manually to the database
  • Import contacts from a CSV file
  • Add contacts to groups
  • Schedule messages
  • Create template messages
  • Personalize your message using merge fields
  • Add footers
  • Send directly to a mobile number, individual contacts or groups
  • See your sent messages and its status
  • Receive replies to your SMS sent in your inbox and e-mail address
  • Export contacts, groups or sent messages
All sent-, received- and scheduled messages are captured in log files that can be downloaded to a CSV file.

There is also an anniversary system that enables you to schedule messages for important dates.

So if you want to effortlessly, cheaply and conveniently send bulk SMS from your pc, then look no further than WinSMS.